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Dec 9, 2021
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Provider Manual Cover Transmittals

The link provided under the Manual column below is to the Cover Transmittal Memo which explains the revisions to be made. In order to view the actual changes you must select the Provider Manual link then the manual and chapter you wish to view or download.

DateManualChapter Number or Appendix Letter
Nov 30, 2021Mental Health ServicesAppendix D and G
Nov 22, 2021Mental Health ServicesAppendix C,D,E,F,G & Chapters II,IV,V,VI
Nov 4, 2021HospitalChapter II
Oct 28, 2021Physician/Practitioner Chapter V
Oct 25, 2021Long-Term Services and Supports Screening (LTSS)Chapter IV
Oct 19, 2021Physician/Practitioner Appendix D
Oct 13, 2021EPSDTPrivate Duty Nursing Services
Oct 6, 2021Local Education Agency Provider ManualChapters IV, V, and VI
Oct 1, 2021Pharmacy Manual Physician/Practitioner Manual EPSDT ManualPharmacy - Chapter IV Physician/Practitioner - Chapter IV EPSDT - Supplement B
Sep 1, 2021PharmacyAppendix D
Sep 1, 2021CCC Plus WaiverAppendix C
Aug 27, 2021Early Intervention ServicesTelehealth Services Supplement
Aug 18, 2021Mental Health Services, Residential Treatment ServicesTelehealth Services Supplement
Aug 3, 2021Plan FirstChapter IV
Jul 27, 2021Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services, Psychiatric Services, Physician/Practitioner, Home HealthTelehealth Services Supplement
Jul 27, 2021Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services, Psychiatric Services,Physician/Practitioner, Home Health Chapter IV/ Chapter V
Jul 7, 2021Addiction Recovery and Treatment Services (ARTS), HospitalAppendix B, Appendix E
Jul 7, 2021Addiction Recovery and Treatment Services (ARTS)Opioid Treatment Supplement
Jul 7, 2021Local Education AgencyChapter V
Jun 29, 2021Physician/PractitionerChapter IV
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